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29. Wywiad z Fergie Frederiksenem z 5 lutego 2007r.

Fergie, I think this is the first time any of us here at have ever really had a chance to interview you. Speaking on behalf of myself and the rest of the website staff, we're all really excited and we absolutely hope to be able to do this again in the future!

So what started the wheels turning to make your recent appearance at Trocaderos happen? It's been quite a number of years since you and the band had played together!

Luke and I had a conversation about a month ago. He sent me an email with his number and we played phone tag for a couple of calls and then we connected. What a cool conversation. Not everything in our past has been smooth to say the least, but I think Father Time has a way of making things better in a lot of ways. I must say that I'm pleased beyond words that we have become friends again. Bobby, Luke, the band were great last Saturday and it was like we have been hanging for years. I had forgotten how much fun Luke and I have on stage. What a freaking great musician. Every one of the guys are the best at what they do and to be invited to sing a few songs I helped write with Toto years before was something I will never forget.

What was it like after all these years getting back on stage with Toto? Was it like you had never left, or was it difficult re-orienting yourself with the band?

From the first notes in sound check it was like homecoming. We did "Angle Don't Cry" through the bridge and then I was to do an add-lib into "I'll Supply The Love."

At sound check I really didn't have too much of an idea of what to do but when it came for the show I had something that worked out. That's the one part of the show everyone was crossing their fingers. Well, I made it. I really don't remember what I did but no one said it sucked. Whew!

Then I got to sing with Bobby on "I'll Supply The Love." How cool is that? Fun stuff guys. Then I got to sing "Isolation," once again through the bridge, then the guys took off on a musical ride that was freaking amazing. Then to sing "Africa" with Bobby, unbelievable.

Bobby helped coach me through some other songs with the harmonies so I could stay on stage with the band. Then we did an encore and the night was over. Like I told Bobby I was numb in all the right places.

Simon, Greg, Lee and Tony were great. Bob Bradshaw was there doing guitars for Luke and it was great to see him again. What a monster tech and craftsman. The whole crew are freaking awesome.

My son Koty was there and had a chance to play Simon's kit. His eyes were the size of melons and a smile from ear to ear. He's been playing drums for a couple of years and he finally got to hear the best and hang with him. How cool is that, Mate?

All in all it was very comfortable and fun.

What was it like sharing the stage with Bobby Kimball?

Bobby is one of my favorite singers. I have always wanted to share a stage with him, and I got my wish. What a voice. He was making very sure I was feeling welcome. When I first joined Toto, Bobby called me and said, "If there is anything I can do to help, let me know." That's just the type of person Bobby is. The best. And sings his ass off!

What sort of plan, if any, was worked out with Bobby as far as sharing the vocals?

As far as vocals, it was sharing verses and choruses of songs. Luke and Bobby just told me when to sing. We shared parts on "Africa” and “I'll Supply The Love." We even doubled the chorus to "Africa" once. I wish I had a tape of that.

What sort of pre-show preparation was involved for you personally? Did you have to dive back into the old lyric books or listen to some of the older records to re-acclimate yourself with the music? What sort of process did you go through?

It may sound weird, but I remembered everything. I listened to "Drag Him To The Roof" so I could help out on the chorus, but all the other songs I didn't work on at all, really. I play them from time to time with some friends here in town so they are still fresh in my mind. But I tell ya one thing, the TelePrompTer for "I'll Supply The Love" really helped. When they said I should take the first verse it was cool to have the lyrics. I would have Mush-mouthed my way through that one otherwise. You know like on Saturday Night Live when they get every other word. Thank God for technology.

And what about with you and the band collectively? Did you have a chance to rehearse with the band prior to the gig?

Yeah, we did a sound check. "Isolation,” “Angel Don't Cry,” and “I'll Supply the Love."

Just enough to know we were in the ball park and make sure I could still sing. Ya think?

The last time you were with the guys, you were on stage with Paich, Luke, Jeff, Mike, and Steve Porcaro. Now that Toto has such a different line up, how would you compare the two experiences? CAN you compare the two experiences?

What can you say? I have been on stage with the best players in the world. Then and Now!

So what have you been up to recently? Are you working on a new solo record or any other projects?

I just am finishing up a CD with Tommy Denader. It will be on Frontiers and comes out in June I believe. I'm writing for a solo CD as we speak. I can't wait to write with Luke again. He said he'd throw some juicy ideas my way.

Finally, we’ve gotten enormously positive feedback from the fans at the show. There are unconfirmed rumors around the fan community that you might join the guys for a possible 30th Anniversary Tour. Would you be open to that idea?

Guys, nothing in this world could keep me away from the 30th. I haven't had that much fun in a real long time. Maybe 23 years. I'm glad the reports were favorable. I had a lot of help from old friends.

Like I said I'm still numb and digging the memory.

All my best to you guys and Toto, it's good to be back in the "clan".

By the way, my son Koty will never be the same Luke. You may have set him straight on a few important facts of life. Or maybe not. Love you guys.

Special thanks to Fergie for chatting with us!

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