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18. Wywiad z Lukem i Mikem - wrzesień 2005r.

We hear that Falling in between is very much a "band-written album". Mike, Which songs were you most heavily involved with?

Mike: I was involved in most of the songs written for this album. Dave brought in an essentially finished song as did Luke. The rest all started with an initial idea, which was then embellished on by the band. The end result being a representation of where the "band" is at in 2005.

What bass guitars, EFX and amps have you been using on the new album? Do you write on the bass, or do you play guitar or keyboards when you're writing?

Mike: I've been playing a G&L L2500 bass and a 4 string bass by Sugi on most of the record. I also used a Hofner and Peavey on the record. And of course my favorite "F" bass saw some action also. Most of my contributions to the writing of this record were conceived on the bass guitar.

Luke, did you exclusively use your MusicMan guitars or did you dig out some of your vintage Les Pauls and Fenders? Which acoustic guitars have you used?

Luke: MusicMan all the way. I just love the way they feel and sound. I still have all the vintage stuff but I get everything I need out of MY guitars. MM is the best! Ovation/Adamas acoustics, they are the best and I love working with the company. I have LOTS of guitars . Hahaha.

Is your recording set-up the same as your live rig, or have you used different amps and effects?

Luke: Well, I use my live rig most of the time. I used Simons little Marshall on a few things, and my son Trevor’s Marshall 4/12 JCM on a few things. He has a really good one.

Did you record your parts "dry" and EFX at the desk?

Luke: Always dry and various EFX separately to have control.

Did you use any new gear recording this album?

Luke: Yeah, got a few new pedals here and there. The ISP sub woofer system on a few things, Radial tonebone distortion pedal, Xotic pedals... cool stuff plus all the Bradshaw stuff and some stuff from the console. I am looking forward to hearing what our mixer Steve Macmillan brings to the guitar sounds!

Mike, how do you approach writing a bass line to gel the complex instrumentation? Is it all feel or more structured than that?

Mike: It's a combination of both, but I essentially just try to feel the bass line. I let the tune tell me what the bass line should be.

Are there any particular influences, guitarists or bands, which influenced you this year whilst writing and recording Falling in between?

Luke: I am influenced by EVERYTHING I hear. The new stuff is a bit more "prog-rock" in places but with OUR groove to it . We are a product of out collective influences.

Mike: I've been listening to mostly older CD's lately. Donny Hathaway's Extensions of a man and Marvin Gaye tunes in general have been on my playlist recently.

Luke, You played keyboards on a couple of tracks on the album. Do you have your own keyboard set up at home or do you just use what David Paich, Greg Phillinganes and Stevie Porcaro have in the studio? How often do you practice the piano?

Luke: I did indeed. I have a Yamaha 9 foot grand piano in my living room in LA and that’s all I need. I don’t practice as much as used to. I spend more time practicing guitar. I will never get that down. Hahaha.

Do you have a demo facility at home to put down ideas?

Luke: Yeah, a shitty cassette player. If it doesn’t sound good with just piano or acoustic guitar than it sucks anyway. WHY do demos? Most of the time they feel better than the final for me. Lets just make the record once! Hahaha.

Do any of the other guys in the band play guitar at all - not on the album, but for fun?

Luke: Not really. If they did I would love it if they did a part on the record.

Can you give us an insight into routines/anecdotes about the new album sessions?

Luke: We have it down after almost 30 years. We speak our own language and have our own humour that very, very few people get and we are ALWAYS roasting each other. If you didn’t know you would think we hated each other. Hahaha. Simon is the king of tea and biscuits. We eat at the same 2 lunch places everyday. Hahaha. As you get older routine is cool. Ya don’t have to think about bullshit... just the new music of the day.

Mike: I must say, that I've had an absolute blast making this record. It's been intimate, fun and challenging. With the addition of Greg Phillinganes, new musical energy has been breathed into the mix of things and this has been a blessing and shot in the arm for Toto.

Mike, you used to sing backing vocals, live at least. Aren't you tempted to help fill out those rich vocal harmonies?

Mike; I'm more than happy to concentrate on playing bass and leaving the vocals to Tony and others.

A lot of fans ask about your side projects, such as "The Porcaro Brothers" and your occasional live appearances as "Mike Porcaro & Friends". Whilst you'll clearly be busy with Toto with the new album release and world tour from February 2006, do you have any plans to progress "solo" projects in the future?

Mike: Let's see what happens this next year!

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