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16. Wywiad z Gregem Phillinganesem - kwiecień 2004r.

Greg Phillinganes is one of the most renowned keyboarders in the music business and a long-time friend of TOTO. He kindly agreed to sit in for David Paich on various occasions and since became very popular with the fans. So now here's the chance to get to know him a little better...

You've been friends with Toto for a very long time. When and how exactly did you meet them?

Unfortunately, I'm just too old to remember exactly when or how, but I can safely say that I've known most of the guys for about 25 years.

You've been working with lots of big names in the music biz like Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and a whole bunch more. What's the difference of working with Toto now? What was it like playing with Toto for the first time?

The biggest difference for me is that while I've been blessed to have worked with most of the greatest musical stars of the 20th century, being with Toto is unique in that the band is the actual star. In that way, everyone is featured equally and I totally love it!

My first show with the guys was a great rush and I was showered with more love and support than in any other situation in my career.

The arrangements you've played on the tour sound much more like the original album concepts than in past concerts. Did you work with Dave personally before playing with the band?

I did work extensively with Dave during rehearsals. It's important to me, no matter who I'm working with, to get the parts right. After that, I try to infuse a little of my personality into the music and that's just what happened.

You've participated at the Tribute to Jeff project of David Garfield a couple of years ago as well. What are your memories of Jeff?

I have nothing but the fondest memories of Jeff; everything from that deep voice and infectious laugh to how cool it felt recording with him on sessions like "I Keep Forgetting," by Mike McDonald.

Jeff was always intrigued by creative rhythms. I remember when the song "Poison," by Bell/ Biv/ Devoe came out, how Jeff just loved the unique drum pattern. I can see him playing it right now, flashing that big grin and sneaky giggle!

You've done a considerable amount of live performances with some of the worlds finest artist, but also done studio work, most recently on the Ilse de Lange album. Which do you prefer or see yourself doing most of in the future? Live shows/touring with a band or working as a studio artist, or a mix of both?

With the drastic changes in the way music is recorded these days, there is a lot less studio work to be done. However, I enjoy both aspects of studio recording and playing live. For instance, I try to incorporate the discipline of playing specific parts in the studio when playing live, but I also enjoy combining the spontaneous feeling of a live show in the studio. As for the future, anything can happen!

You've done some solo albums in the 80s. Do you have any plans of doing another record of your own?

No, I don't feel too inspired at the moment. Maybe that will change later on....

On your solo record "Pulse", you recorded the song "Lazy Nina" written by Donald Fagen. What's the story behind that song? How did you find it? Was it maybe a leftover from Fagens record "Nightfly"?

After working with Donald on the "Nightfly" album, I asked if he would write a song for me and he agreed. The greatest thrill was receiving his demo in the mail!

What kind of music do you prefer personally? What do you listen to, who are your musical "heroes"?

According to Ray Charles, there are only two kinds of music: good and bad! I listen to EVERYTHING from classic R&B to Jazz to Bach to the Beatles to Gospel and everything in between! My heroes would definitely include Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock.

Very Special Thanks to Greg

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