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07. Wywiad z Stevem Lukatherem - pytania zadawane przez fanów

Tracklist - with original comments by Luke
1. Bodhisattva .. an old Steely Dan. We will be giving a paragraph for each song explaining why we did each song. That will come later. 
2. Could you be loved, Bob Marley..KILLER version and our first single. We got a Jamaican rapper guy (I can't remember his name, Huge in europe) in there with James Ingram doing backround vocals as well.
3. While my Guitar Gently Weeps, Great arrangement, Steve Porcaro Rules on this one.
4. Maiden Voyage/Butterfly.. Herbie Hancock. Our classic instrumental tune. VERY cool.
5. Burn Down the Mission. Elton. We got Davey Johnstone and Nigel Olsen on backgrounds with Steve P and Dave doing the FULL orchestrations.
6. Sunshine of your Love ..Cream. This is done in 7/4 time signature and has been re-arranged totally. Think heavy-be-bop.
7. House of the Rising Sun. Eric Burdon. This too is almost un recognizable. Very "Pink Floyd like.
8. It takes a lot to laugh, and a train to cry. Dave sings this one, it´s an old Bob Dylan song done ala Leon Russell. Cut all live. Classic Dave!
9. Watching the Detectives, yes thats right.. Elvis Costello. hahaha. We did this as a joke and we know how much Elvis hates us so I did an impression of him. Great track with me as "elvis". It came out so good we put it on the record.
10. Cant get next to you..Al Green. We did horns yesterday. James Ingram is on this as well.
11. Livin for the City, Stevie Wonder. We have a call into Stevie to guest on this one. He has played with us before, not mention all the sessions we have done together. The middle section is gonna be deep.
Why is the name of the album "Through the looking glass" ? Is there a connection to the song "Slipped Away" of TAMBU?? Because one line goes... "You're a world of blind ambition, staring through the looking glass."

When coming up with the title we were throwing around alot of different ideas and "Through the Looking Glass" really made sense with the music we are making. It's like looking back in time at some of our favorite artists. Its gonna be a really cool album cover. We are going to write a small paragraph on why we chose each song with a story of our connection with the material we chose. These songs were more than just a random choice of tunes. It will be explained song by song. The connection with Slipped Away is an accident but a cool one. It makes for a better story. haha.

I guess your cover album is much more than the so called usual ones. Isn't it a sort of hommage or TOTO tribute to very special musicians?

Well we are at our 25th anniversary and we were out of our deal with Sony records, FINALLY after being a slave to them for 24 years!. They never even said thanks or goodbye or good luck. We made them 100's of millions of dollars..what can I say! We just wanted to have fun and not have the pressure to come up with the "hits" etc.. It seemed like a great idea to pay respect to the music we loved as kids. You'll notice its almost all 70's music. That was our coming of age. We played alot of these tunes when we were in high school or even younger. We have just put OUR touch to the songs. They don't sound like the originals for the most part. I guess instead of digging our writing skills you will see our arranging, production and musician skills instead. You can't argue with the songs as they are almost all classics already.

Are you going to produce any videos for this album. If so for witch songs?

Videos.... why? No one will play them anyway. hahaha. IF we get a hit then maybe but I think Video's suck for the most part. We were never a "video friendly" band. I hated doing them and we spent WAY too much time and money on them and out of the 25 or so we did, maybe 4-5 ever got shown. You see my point. Aside from one or 2 good ones our videos were horrible. Hard to watch for me. hahaha. The hair.. the clothes.. what were we thinking?? hahaha

I'd like to know how the sound will be, is it like more "overproduced" (lika Toto IV , Mindfields etc) or more like Tambu´s "live-in-studio" sound? Also curious about the mixing, isn´t Elliot Scheiner with you anymore?

This new record is a VERY produced record for the most part. There's 1-2 live sounding things but most of it is very detailed with huge harmonies, Steve Porcaro's magic touches ( nice to have him back on it, he wont be touring due to his TV-Movie scoring career), lots of percussion and loops and some of the best individual playing ever on any Toto record. Plus Simon did a GREAT job engineering! It was all done at his house, just the 5-6 of us in the room. NO outside help. Simon even made us Tea at 4 almost everyday. hahaha. Steve Macmillan is mixing it. He's Trevor Horn's guy and is extremely talented. He helped us with post production on the Mindfields album. We wanted a fresh ear on the stuff. Simon may mix one or 2 depending but Mac has done an amazing job on the 2 he finished already. Elliot is AWESOME. He is SO busy as the KING of 5.1 remixes that I don't think he could have done it if he wanted to. He lives on the east coast, we're on the west etc.. We will work together again for sure. He just remixed my Candyman CD -5.1 for DTS that will be out this year. I can't wait to hear that!

Which song will be the japanese bonus track that us guys from Europe will miss?

NO BONUS TRACKS. Same album for least at this point. hahaha. I always thought that was jive anyway and a pain in the ass. That was Sony NOT us!

Under which label will the album be released? Do you have a new deal with one worldwide label or do you have another strategy now?

We are doing license deals this time so we can OWN and CONTROL our career. Its about f**king time! haha. Negotiations are in full effect and should be done very soon as we are looking at a single coming in May and album in June with the world tour starting in June as well. We will post dates etc.. when we know for sure. will be the first to know! Thanks for asking and talk to ya soon

Will there be song clips published from a couple of the songs of the new album on the website?

I think we would love to put some song clips up as soon as we have firmed up our business end of things and the tunes are mixed and we have an exact release date. You will hear it first here at

Davey that the former guitarist of Elton John ??

Yes, thats Davey and Nigel Ollsen with Elton. They did the Backround vocals on the original and those guys are all good friends as well as Elton. This is a great track!

Will you also use some acoustic guitars on the new album ? I like it when you are playing acoustic .

I play acoustics on the record. Ovation/Kamas. GREAT guitars and a great co. They sound awesome. I play Music Man LUKE electric on the whole record plugged directly into a small 1/12 Marshall with effects added at the console. VERY huge and clean sound. It goes to show you that the myth that I need this huge rack is bullnuts. The tape doesn't lie.

Who is doing the cover art and can you already reveal in which direction it goes this time?

Doug Brown is once again doing the art work. He is family and loves the band. We are shooting the back photo's and tour book on Mon. We haven't seen what he has yet but he always has alot of ideas to choose from. In the end its up to us anyway. I'm sure it will be wild.

When are you starting to rehearse for the tour? Any guest musicians with you this time?

Were not sure when rehearsals start. We gotta finish the record first. I would Imagine that Tony Spinner will be back out with us. We need him to play alot of second guitar parts as well as sing those really high parts. He is really talented and we will use more of that this time out. There will be other changes as well but nothing is firmed up yet and all subject to change.

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