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04. Wywiad z Simonem Phillipsem - 2000r.

Despite all the TOTO commitments you've found some time to do a project with Jeff Babko. What exactly can we expect from this record, how is it called and when will it be released?

It is entitled "Vantage Point" and should be released around the end of March. It is an acoustic jazz album and very different to anything I have done before.

As the album with Jeff Babko isn't really a solo album from you, what plans do you have for your next solo album? Will you use the same band again? When can we expect the new album to be released?

Yes that's right, it's not a solo album and I will be recording that later on in the year. I have to write the music first and due to the busy schedule of Toto last year I really haven't had the chance to do any writing. However I will be touring with the band this summer. Same line-up except now with Melvin Lee Davis on bass.

In April you'll come to Europe for some drum clinics, so far there are only dates for Germany. Are you planning to do clinics in other countries as well?

No. Only these German clinics. I am also doing some recording in UK and Germany around the same time.

When will we see you with a band in Europe again? After the next solo release or will you do some gigs with the project you did with Jeff Babko? If there will be any shows, do you already know which musicians will accompany you?

Sort of answered this question before. Same band except Melvin Lee Davis on bass. Will be on tour in July. As for touring with the Phillips/Babko project there are no plans. However I would love to play a jazz club for a few nights somewhere. It would be so different.

You're very busy with your solo projects and TOTO right now. Do you still occasionally play on other artists' records and on which productions can we expect to hear you this year?

I have done very little of this lately due only to the fact of being busy with Toto and/or my solo projects. But I still love to play on other peoples records. I played on Melvin Lee Davis's solo CD last year and will be doing some more this year with other artists.

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