Jeff Porcaro

© 2006-2019
Julia Stoff

" Our love
doesn't end here
It lives forever
On the
wings of time "

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10cc Meanwhile 1992
Airplay Airplay 1980
Alessi Brothers Alessi 1977
Alessi Brothers Long Time Friends 1982
Alexander, Karen Voyager 1978
Allan, Laura Laura Allan 1978
Allen, Peter Bi-Coastal 1980
Alpert, Herb Keep Your Eyes On Me 1987
Alston, Gerald Open Invitation 1990
America View From the Ground 1982
America Highway: 30 Years of America 2000
American Jazz Philharmonic American Jazz Philharmonic 1993
Anderson, Jon In the City of Angels 1988
Anka, Paul The Music Man 1977
Anka, Paul Walk a Fine Line 1983
Anka, Paul Somebody Loves You 1989
Anri 16th Summer Breeze 1994
Anri Opus 21 1995
Armand, Renee In Time 1978
Asakura, Miki SU-TE-KI 1988
Atkins, Chet Stay Tuned 1985
Austin, Patti Real Me 1988
Austin, Patti Love Is Gonna Getcha 1990
Austin, Patti The Ultimate Collection ?   
Axton, Hoyt Fearless 1976
Axton, Hoyt Roadsongs 1977


B-52's Good Stuff 1992
Bachman, Randy Survivor 1978
Bade, Lisa Suspicion 1982
Ballard, Russ At the Third Stroke 1978
Batteau, David Happy in Hollywood 1976
Beck, Robin Human Instinct 1992
Bee Gees Living Eyes 1981
Bee Gees Too Much Heaven: Songs of the Brothers Gibb 2004
Bel Air Turqoise Blue 1991
Benoit, David Freedom at Midnight 1987
Benoit, David Shadows 1991
Benson, George Best of George Benson 1976
Benson, George The George Benson Collection 1981
Benson, George In Your Eyes 1983
Benson, George George Benson Anthology 2000
Benson, George Greatest Hits of All 2003
Berger, Michel Dreams In Stone 1982
Berlin, Jeff Pump It 1986
Berlin, Jeff Crossroads 1998
Bim Thistles 1978
Bishop & Gwinn This Is Our Night 1979
Blades, Ruben Nothing But the Truth 1988
Blakeley, Peter Harry's Cafe De Wheels 1989
Blessing Prince of the Deep Water 1991
Block, Rory Intoxication So Bitter Sweet 1977
Blunstone, Colin Never Even Thought 1978
Bodine, Rita Jean Sitting on Top of my world 1974
Bolin, Tommy Teaser 1975
Bolin, Tommy Ultimate: The Best of Tommy Bolin 1989
Bolton, Michael Time, Love & Tenderness 1991
Bolton, Michael Greatest Hits 85-95 1995
Boylan, Terence Terence Boylan 1977
Brady, Paul Trick or Treat 1991
Brady, Paul Nobody Knows: The Best of Paul Brady 1999
Brannigan, Laura Laura Brannigan 1990
Brothers Johnson Winners 1981
Brothers Johnson The Best of the Brothers Johnson 1983
Brothers Johnson Blast! The Latest and Greatest 1983
Brothers Johnson Out of Control 1984
Browne, Jackson The Pretender 1976
Browne, Jackson Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne 1997
Browne, Jackson Very Best of Jackson Browne 2004
Browne, Severin New Improved 1974
Bugatti & Musker The Dukes 1982


Cadd, Brian Yesterdaydreams 1978
Caldwell, Bobby Carry On 1976
Caldwell, Bobby August Moon 1983
Camp, Steve One On One 1986
Campbell, Glen Southern Nights 1977
Carlton, Larry Larry Carlton 1978
Carlton, Larry Sleepwalk 1982
Carlton, Larry Friends 1983
Carlton, Larry Collection 1988
Carlton, Larry Christmas at My House 1989
Carmen, Eric Boats Against the Current 1977
Carmen, Eric Change of Heart 1978
Carmen, Eric The Definitive Collection ?   
Carter, Raymone Raymone Carter 1991
Carter, Valerie Just A Stone's Throw Away 1977
Carter, Valerie Wild Child 1978
Cats Hard To Be Friends 1975
Cavaliere, Felix Dreams in Motion 1994
Cetera, Peter Solitude / Solitaire 1986
Cetera, Peter Collection: You're The Inspiration 1997
Alan Chamfort Rock'n Rose 1977
Champlin, Bill Single 1978
Champlin, Bill Runaway 1981
Chanson Chanson 1978
Chanson Together we stand 1979
Char U.S.J. 1981
Charles, Ray My World 1993
Charles, Ray Genius & Soul: 50th Anniversay Collection (5CD) 1997
Charts L'océan sans fond 1989
Charts Notre monde ŕ nous 1991
Chater, Kerry Part Time Love 1977
Cher Bittersweet White Light 1973
Cher Stars 1975
Cher I'd Rather Believe In You 1976
Cher Prisoner 1979
Cher Take Me Home 1979
Cher Love Hurts 1990
Cher Casablanca Years 1996
Cher Chronicles 2005
Chicago Chicago 17 1984
Choir, Yves By Prescription Only 1989
Clapton, Eric Behind the Sun 1985
Clapton, Eric Chronicles (Best of) 1999
Clark, Gene This bird has flown 1995
Clarke, Stanley Modern Man 1978
Clark, Terry Welcome 1978
Clooney, Rosemary Girl Singer 1991
Cocker, Joe I Can Stand a Little Rain 1983
Cocker, Joe Civilized Man 1984
Cocker, Joe Best of Joe Cocker 1992
Cocker, Joe Anthology 1999
Cole, Jude A View From 3rd Street 1990
Cole, Jude Start the Car 1992
Cole, Natalie Good To Be Back 1989
Cole, Natalie Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 2000
Cole, Natalie Love Songs 2001
Coltrane, Chi Road to Tomorrow 1977
Conte, Luis Black Forest 1989
Coolidge, Rita Heartbreak Radio 1981
Crane, Stephen Kicks 1984
Crawford, Randy Raw Silk 1979
Crawford, Randy Secret Combination 1981
Crawford, Randy Windsong 1982
Crawford, Randy Nightline 1983
Crawford, Randy Best of Randy Crawford 1996
Crawford, Randy Best of Randy Crawford & Friends 2000
Crawford, Randy Hits 2002
Crosby, David Thousand Roads 1993
Crosby, Stills & Nash Daylight Again 1982
Crosby, Stills & Nash Allies 1983
Cross, Christopher Another Page 1983
Cross, Christopher Rendevous 1991
Cross, Christopher The Definite Cristopher Cross 2001
Crowell, Rodney Life is Messy 1992
Cummings, Burton My Own Way to Rock 1977
Cummings, Burton Dream of a Child 1978
Cummings, Burton Plus Signs 1990
Cummings, Burton The Burton Cummings Collection 1994
Cunningham, Jr. B.B. Hangin' Inn 2003
Curiosity Killed the Cat Getahead 1989


Dal Bello, Lisa Lisa Dal Bello 1977
Daugherty, Jack Class of '71 1971
Deardorff & Joseph Deardorff & Joseph 1976
Dee, Kiki Stay With Me 1979
DeVille, Willie Miracles 1987
Dion, Celine Unison 1990
Dire Straits On Every Street 1991
Dire Straits Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits 1998
Doheny, Ned Prone 1979
Donato Bad Donato ?   
Donovan Lady of the Stars 1984
Dore, Charlie Listen 1981
Dr. John In a Sentimental Mood 1989
Dr. John Mos' Scocious: The Dr. John Anthology (2CD) 1993
Dudek, Les Les Dudek 1976
Dudek, Les Say No More 1977
Dudek, Les Ghost Town Parade 1978
Dudek, Les Deeper Shades of Blue 1994
Dudek, Les Dudek 2004
Dudek, Les Freestyle 2005
Duncan, Bryan Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend 1990


Earth, Wind & Fire Touch the World 1987
Edelman, Randy If Love is Real 1977
Elias, Jonathan Requiem for the Americas 1990
Elliman, Yvonne Yvonne 1979
Elliman, Yvonne Best Of 1995
Elliott, Brian Brian Elliott 1978
England Dan & John Ford Coley I Hear Music 1976
England Dan & John Ford Coley Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive 1979
Evans, Linda You Control Me ?   
Eye to Eye Eye to Eye 1982


Fagen, Donald The Nightfly 1982
Farina, Sandy All Alone In the Night 1980
Farrell, Joe Night Dancing 1978
Feinstein, Michael Isn't It Romantic 1988
Fields, Brandon Other Places 1990
Fifth Dimension Earthbound 1975
Finnigan, Mike Black and White 1978
Flyer Flyer 1980
Fogelberg, Dan Windows and Walls 1984
Fools Gold Mr. Lucky 1977
Ford, Dwayne Needless Freaking 1982
Ford, Robben Talk to Your Daughter 1988
Four Tops Tonight 1981
Four Tops Forever 2001
Fra Lippo Lippi Light and Shade 1987
Frampton, Peter Breaking All the Rules 1981
Frampton, Peter Shine On: A Collection - 2CD 1992
Frampton, Peter 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection 2003
Franke & the Knockouts Makin' the Point 1984
Franke & the Knockouts Sweet Heart Collection 1999
Franklin, Aretha Aretha 1980
Franklin, Aretha Love All the Hurt Away 1981
Franklin, Rodney In the Center 1978
Franklin, Rodney Rodney Franklin 1980
Friendly Enemies Round One 1978
Fromholz, Steven A Rumour In My Time 1976


Gable, Bill There Were Signs 1989
Gardestad, Ted Blue Virgin Isle 1978
Gatlin, Larry & Gatlin Brothers Smile 1986
George, Lowell Thanks I'll Eat It Here 1979
Getz, Stan Apasionado 1990
Getz, Stan Children Of The World 1978/1995
Gianco, Ricky E' rock'n'roll 1991
Gianco, Ricky Tandem 2001
Gilmour, David About Face 1984
Go West Indian Summer 1992
Gold, Andrew All This And Heaven Too 1978
Gold, Andrew Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best of Andrew Gold 1997
Gold, Andrew All This and Heaven Too [Bonus Tracks] 2005
Goodrum, Randy Fool's Paradise 1982
Goodrum, Randy An Exhibition 1992
Goodrum, Randy Songbook 1995
Gore, Lesley Love me by name 1978
Gorme, Eydie Eso Es El Amor 1978
Green, Kathe Kathe Green 1976
Greg Mathieson Project Bodies and Souls ?   
Grimaldi, Bernard Toute Ressemblance Avec Des Personnes aya 1990
Grimaldi-Zeiher Grimaldi-Zeiher 1978
Grimaldi-Zeiher Re'cidive 1980
Gross, Henry What's In a Name 1980
Gruska, Jay Gruska On Gruska 1974
Guitar Workshop Guitar Workshop in L.A. 1988
Guitar Workshop Tribute to Otis Redding 1989
Gurvitz, Adrian Sweet Vendetta 1979


Hall and Oates Beauty on a Back Street 1977
Hall, Lani Blush 1980
Hamada, Mari In the precious age 1987
Hamilton, Dirk You Can Sing On the Left or Bark on the R 1976
Hamilton, Dirk Alias i 1977
Hamilton, Dirk At Last 1977
Hammond, Albert Your World And My World 1980
Hancock, Herbie Lite Me Up 1982
Harris, Hugh Words For Our Years 1990
Hathaway, Lalah Lalah Hathaway 1990
Hawkins, George Jr. Every dog has its day 1996
Henderson, Finis Finis 1983
Henley, Don I Can't Stand Still 1982
Henley, Don End of the Innocence 1989
Henley, Don Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits 1995
Hester, Benny Perfect 1989
Hewett, Howard Howard Hewett 1990
Hill, Warren Devotion 1993
Hill, Warren Collected Warren Hill 1999
Hinata, Tishofumi In the name of love (TV soundtrack) 1992
Hodges, James & Smith What have You Don For Love 1978
Hodgson, Roger Hai-Hai 1987
Holland, Amy On Your Every Word 1981
Horn, Jim Work It Out 1990
Howard, James Newton & Friends James Newton Howard & Friends 1983
Hubbard, Freddie Ride Like the Wind 1982
Hughes, Bill Dream Master 1979
Hughes, Bill Bill Hughes ?   
Humperdinck, Engelbert Don't You Love Me Anymore 1981
Humperdinck, Engelbert 16 Most Requested Songs 1996
Hungate, David Souvenir 1990
Hurley, Arthur & Gottlieb Sunlight Shinin' ?   


Ian, Janis Restless Eyes 1981
Iglesias, Julio Starry Night 1990
Iijima, Mari My heart in red 1989
Imperials Stand By the Power 1982
Indigo Indigo 1977
Ingram, James It's Real 1989


Jackson, La Toya La Toya Jackson 1980
Jackson, Michael Thriller 1982
Jackson, Michael Dangerous 1991
Jackson, Michael History: Past, Present & Future Book One 1995
Jackson, Michael Essential Michael Jackson 2005
Jackson, Milt Big Mouth 1991
Jacksons Victory 1984
Jacksons 2300 Jackson Street 1989
Jacksons Best Remixes 1998
James, Etta Deep In the Night 1978
Jans, Tom Champion 1982
Jans, Tom Eyes of an Only Child 1975
Jarreau, Al Breakin' Away 1981
Jarreau, Al Jarreau 1983
Jarreau, Al Best Of Al Jarreau 1996
Jason, Lisa Envision 1999
Jelly A True Story 1977
John, Elton Jump Up 1982
John, Elton Fox 1981
John, Elton The Very Best of ... 1990
John, Elton Greatest Hits, 1976-1986 1992
John, Elton To be continued 1991
Jones, Quincy From Q with Love 1999
Jones, Rickie Lee Rickie Lee Jones 1979
Jones, Rickie Lee The Magazine 1984
Jones, Rickie Lee Duchess of Coolsville: An Anthology 2005
Jordan, Marc Mannequin 1978
Jordan, Marc Blue Desert 1979


Kapano, Henry Same world 1991
Kante, Mory Touma 1990
Karizma Dream Come True 1987
Katsuragi, Yuki L.A. Spirits 1982
Kawai, Naoko Daydream Coast 1984
Kawauchi, Junichi Juice 1992
Kazu Time No Longer 1988
Keane Brothers Keane Brothers 1977
Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet Nostalgia Suite 1978
Kennedy, Ray Ray Kennedy 1980
Kershaw, Nik The Works 1989
Kershaw, Nik Best of ?   
King, Marva Feels Right 1981
Kipner, Steve Knock the Walls Down 1980
Kleinow, Sneaky Pete Legend and the Legacy 1994
Klemmer, John Best of John Klemmer, Vol. 1: Mosaic 1980
Knighton, Reggie Reggie Knighton 1977
Kraft, Robert Retro Active 1983
Kunkel, Leah I Run With Trouble 1980


L.A. Workshop with New Yorker Norwegian Wood II 1989
LaBelle, Patti Be Yourself 1989
LaBounty, Bill This Night Won't Last Forever 1978
LaBounty, Bill Bill LaBounty 1982
Lake, Greg Greg Lake & Gary Moore 1981
Lake, Greg From the Beginning: Retrospective 1997
Lasley, David Soldiers On the Moon 1990
Lee, Larry Cruisin' Down the Lonely Freeway 1983
Lee, Peggy Mirrors 1976
Liaison Liaison 1989
Lofgren, Nils (& Grin) Night Fades Away 1981
Los Lobotomys Los Lobotomys 1989
Love and Money Strange Kind of Love 1988
Lukather, Steve Lukather 1989
Lynn, Cheryl Start Over 1977
Lynn, Cheryl Got To Be Real: Best of Cheryl Lynn 1996
Lyons & Clark Prisms 1976


Madonna Like A Prayer 1989
Madonna I'm Breathless 1990
Magnusson, Jacob Jack Magnet 1981
Manchester, Melissa Hey Ricky 1982
Manchester, Melissa Greatest Hits 1983
Manchester, Melissa Best Selections ?   
Mancini, Chris No Strings 1983
Mandel, Harvey Baby Batter 1971
Mangione, Gap Suite Lady 1978
Manhattan Transfer Pastiche 1978
Manhattan Transfer Extensions 1979
Manhattan Transfer Bodies and Souls 1983
Manhattan Transfer The Offbeat of Avenues 1991
Manhattan Transfer Anthology: Down In Birdland 1992
Manhattan Transfer The Very Best of ... 1994
Manilow, Berry Showstoppers 1991
Mardones, Benny Benny Mardones 1989
Mardones, Benny Most Requested Songs 1996
Marlo, Clair Let It Go 1989
Marx, Richard Rush Street 1991
Marx, Richard Paid Vacation 1994
Mason, Dave Mariposa De Oro 1978
Mathieson, Greg (Project) Baked Potato Super Live 1982
Mathieson, Greg (Project) The Baked Potato Super Live! 1999
Mathis, Johnny & Williams, Deniece That's What Friends Are For 1978
Matogrosso, Ney Feitico 1977
Matsui, Kazu Time No Longer 1981
Mayall, John & the Bluesbreakers Bottom Line 1979
McCartney, Paul (see Soundtrack) Give My Regards To Broad Street 1984
McClusky, David A Long Time Coming 1978
McDonald, Country Joe Child's Play 1983
McDonald, Country Joe Classics 1989
McDonald, Country Joe & the Fish Rock & Roll From Planet Earth 1978
McDonald, Michael If That's What It Takes 1982
McDonald, Michael No Lookin' Back 1985
McDonald, Michael Sweet Freedom: The Best of Michael McDonald 1986
McDonald, Michael Take It To Heart 1990
McDonald, Michael Tear it up/Plain of jars (single) 1990
McDonald, Michael Very Best of Michael McDonald 2001
McDonald, Michael Voice of Michael McDonald 2001
McDonald, Michael Ultimate Collection 2005
McGregor, Mary In Your Eyes 1978
Medeiros, Glenn Not Me 1988
Meissner, Stan Dangerous Games 1984
Meissner, Stan Windows To Light ?   
Melanie Photograph 1979
Melanie Seventh Wave 1983
Mendes, Sergio Brasil 86 1986
Mendes, Sergio Arara 1989
Mendes, Sergio Brasileiro 1992
Messina, Jim Messina 1981
Meyers, Bill Color of the Truth 1990
Midler, Bette For the Boys 1991
Miguel, Luis Busca Una Mujer 1988
Mizukoshi, Keiko I'm Fine 1982
Moore, Patsy Regarding the Human Condition 1993
Moore, Sally Sally Moore 1972
Moore, Sally My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own 1990
Moore, Tim White Shadows 1977
Moyet, Alison Raindancing 1986


N.S.P. 2-nen-me no Tobira 1976
Nakajima, Fumiaki Girl Like You 1992
Neville, Ivan If My Ancestors Could See Me Now 1988
Newman, Randy Trouble in Paradise 1983
Newman, Randy Land of Dreams 1988
Newman, Randy Guilty: 30 Years Of Randy Newman 1998
Newman, Randy Best of Randy Newman 2001
NewSong Living Proof 1991
Newton, Juice Juice Newton & Silver Spur 1975
Newton, Juice Well Kept Secret 1978
Newton-John, Olivia Making a Good Thing Better 1977
Nougaro Pacifique ?   


O'Day, Alan Appetizers 1977
O'Day, Alan Oh Johnny 1979
O'Kane, John Solid 1991
Oda, Kazumasa K. Oda 1986
Okumoto, Ryo Makin' Rock 1980
Omura, Kenji Kenji Shock 1978
Orbison, Roy King of Hearts 1992
Originals Communique 1976
Originals Down To Love Town 1977
Or-N-More Or-N-More 1982
Ozaki, Ami Hot Baby 1981


Pacific Winds Pacific Coast Highway ?   
Pack, David Anywhere You Go 1985
Page, Scotty ? 1985
Pages Pages 1981
Palmer, Robert Some People Can Do What They Like 1976
Parker, Ray Jr After Dark 1987
Parr, John Running the Endless Mile 1986
Parton, Dolly Dolly, Dolly, Dolly 1982
Patti, Sandi Another Time...Another Place 1990
Patti, Sandi Find It On The Wings 1994
Patton, Robbie Do You Wanna Tonight 1979
Peck, Danny Heart and Soul 1977
Perry, Phil The Heart of the Man 1991
Philips, Shawn Transcendence 1978
Pink Floyd The Wall 1979
Poco Legacy 1989
Pointer Sisters Energy 1978
Pointer, June June Pointer 1989
Preston, Billy The Way I Am 1981


Radioactive Ceremony of Innocence 2001
Raitt, Bonnie Home Plate 1975
Raitt, Bonnie Bonnie Raitt Collection 1990
Raitt, Bonnie Luck of the Draw 1991
Randall, Elliott Randall's New York 1977
Reddy, Helen Music, Music 1976
Reddy, Helen Ear Candy 1977
Remler, Emily This Is Me 1990
Rene and Angela Rise 1983
Rene and Angela Come My Way 1996
Richie, Lionel Can't Slow Down 1983
Richie, Lionel Back To Front 1992
Richie, Lionel Louder Than Words 1996
Ritenour, Lee Captain Fingers 1977
Ritenour, Lee The Best 1980
Ritenour, Lee Rit 1981
Ritenour, Lee Rit 2 1982
Roberts, Bruce Bruce Roberts 1977
Roberts, David All Dressed Up 1982
Rogers, D.J. Love, Music and Life 1977
Rogers, D.J. On the Road Again ?   
Ross, Diana Baby It's Me 1977
Ross, Diana Ross 1978
Russell, Brenda Love Life 1981
Russell, Brenda Two Eyes 1983
Russell, Brenda Kiss Me With the Wind 1990
Russell, Brenda Greatest Hits 1992
Russell, Brenda Ultimate Collection 2001


Sager, Carol Bayer Too 1978
Sager, Carol Bayer Sometimes Late at Night 1981
Sanford & Townsend Duoglide 1977
Sanford & Townsend Nail Me To the Wall 1979
Saunders, Fernando Cashmere Dreams 1989
Sayer, Leo Endless Flight 1976
Sayer, Leo Thunder In My Heart 1977
Sayer, Leo Leo Sayer 1978
Sayer, Leo World Radio 1982
Sayer, Leo Have You Ever Been In Love 1984
Sayer, Leo Show Must Go On: Anthology 1996
Scaggs, Boz Silk Degrees 1976
Scaggs, Boz Down Two Then Left 1977
Scaggs, Boz Middle Man 1980
Scaggs, Boz Hits 1980
Scaggs, Boz Other Roads 1988
Scaggs, Boz Starbox 1993
Scaggs, Boz My Time: The Anthology (1969-1997) 1997
Schaffer, Janne Earmeal 1978
Schaffer, Janne Tunga lĺtar 1973-1996 1996
Schascle (Chess-EL) Haunted By Real Life 1991
Schmit, Timothy B. Playin' It Cool 1984
Schmit, Timothy B. Tell Me the Truth 1990
Scialfa, Patti Rumble Doll 1993
Scott, Marilyn God only knows/Lay back daddy 1977
Scott, Tom Street Beat 1979
Seals & Crofts Diamond Girl 1973
Seals & Crofts Unborn Child 1974
Seals & Crofts I'll Play For You 1975
Seals & Crofts Greatest Hits 1975
Seals & Crofts Get Closer 1976
Seals & Crofts Sudan Village 1976
Sebastian, John Welcome Back 1976
Sebastian, John Faithful Virtue: The Reprise Recordings 2001
Sharp, Randy First In Line ?   
Shepard, Vonda Vonda Shepard 1989
Shepard, Vonda The Radical Light 1992
Shiratori, Emiko Hello 1991
Shot in the Dark Shot In The Dark 1981
Silveira, Ricardo Small World 1992
Simon, Paul Hearts and Bones 1983
Simon, Paul Negotiations and Love: Songs 1971-1986 1988
Simon, Paul Studio Recordings 1972-2000 2004
Sinclair, Stephen A+ 1977
Sing Like Talking Reunion 1992
Snow, Tom Taking It All In Stride 1975
Snow, Tom Tom Snow 1976
Snow, Tom Hungry Nights 1982
Sonny & Cher Mama Was A Rock 'n' Roll Singer 1975
Sonny and Cher Live in Las Vegas 1974
Sonny and Cher / Cher All I Ever Need: The Kapp/MCA Anthology 1996
Sorrenti, Alan Angeli Di Strada 1982
Soundtrack (film) Murph The Surf 1975
Soundtrack (film) F.M. 1978
Soundtrack (film) The Spy Who Loved Me 1977
Soundtrack (film) What Have You Done For Love 1978
Soundtrack (film) California Dreaming 1978
Soundtrack (film) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1979
Soundtrack (film) Urban Cowboy 1980
Soundtrack (film) Arthur 1981
Soundtrack (film) In Harmony 2 1981
Soundtrack (film) Zapped! 1982
Soundtrack (Film) An Officer and a Gentleman 1982
Soundtrack (film) Night Shift 1982
Soundtrack (film) Two Of A Kind 1983
Soundtrack (film) Twilight Zone 1983
Soundtrack (film) Dune 1984
Soundtrack (film) (see McCartney, Paul) Give My Regards To Broad Street 1984
Soundtrack (film) White Nights 1985
Soundtrack (film) The Color Purple ?   
Soundtrack (film) Sing 1988
Soundtrack (film) Off Limits 1988
Soundtrack (film) Black Rain 1989
Soundtrack (film) Dying Young 1989
Soundtrack (film) Dick Tracy 1990
Soundtrack (film) Last Temptation Of Elvis 1990
Soundtrack (film) For the Boys 1991
Soundtrack (film) Love Potion No. 9 1992
Soundtrack (film) Hudson Hawk 1992
Soundtrack (film) Glengarry Glen Ross 1992
Soundtrack (film) Grand Canyon 1992
Soundtrack (film) Dune 1997
Soundtrack (TV) (Japan) Ai To Iu Moton - In the Name of Love ?   
Spence, Judson Judson Spence 1988
Springsteen, Bruce Human Touch 1992
Springsteen, Bruce Greatest Hits 1995
Springsteen, Bruce Bruce Springsteen Tracks (4 CD) 1998
Springsteen, Bruce 18 Tracks 1999
Springsteen, Bruce Essential Bruce Springsteen 2003
Steely Dan Pretzel Logic 1974
Steely Dan Katy Lied 1975
Steely Dan Plus Four (EP) 1977
Steely Dan Bent Over Backwords 1978
Steely Dan Greatest Hits 1979
Steely Dan Gaucho 1980
Steely Dan A Decade of Steely Dan 1985
Steely Dan Gold (Expanded version) 1991
Steely Dan Citizen Steely Dan 1993
Steely Dan Best of, then and now ?   
Steely Dan Showbiz Kids: The Steely Dan Story 1972-1980 2000
Steinberg, Dianne Universal Child 1977
Stewart, Al Time Passages 1978
Stewart, Al 24 Carrots 1980
Stewart, Al Just Yesterday 2005
Stewart, Rod Vagabond Heart 1991
Stigers, Curtis Curtis Stigers 1991
Strand, The The Strand 1980
Streisand, Barbra Streisand Superman 1977
Streisand, Barbra Songbird 1978
Streisand, Barbra Wet 1979
Streisand, Barbra Til I Loved You 1989
Streisand, Barbra Best Of ?   
Summer, Donna Donna Summer 1982
Sunset Bombers Sunshine Bombers 1978
Suzuki, Yoshiyuki L.A. Lullaby 1981
Syreeta The Spell 1983


Taff, Russ Walls Of Glass 1983
Taff, Russ Russ Taff 1987
Tagg, Eric Smilin' Memories 1975
Takanaka, Masayoshi Brazilian Skies 1978
Takeuchi, Mariya Miss M 1980
Tanner, Marc No Escape 1979
Taupin, Bernie He Who Rides the Tiger 1980
Taylor, James Master Of The Game 1989
Taylor, Livingston Man's Best Friend 1980
Temptations Surface Thrills 1983
Temptations Milestone 1991
Thomas, Mickey As Long As You Love Me 1976
Three Dog Night American Pastime 1976
Thudpucker, Jimmy Greatest Hits 1977
Tormé, Mel and the Marty Paich Dektette Reunion 1988
Torrance, Richard Bareback 1977
Toto Toto 1978
Toto Hydra 1979
Toto Turn Back 1980
Toto Toto IV 1982
Toto Isolation 1984
Toto Fahrenheit 1986
Toto The Seventh One 1988
Toto Past To Present, 1977-1990 1990
Toto Kingdom of Desire 1992
Toto Best Ballads 1994
Toto XX 1998
Toussaint, Allen Motion 1978
Toussaint, Allen Allen Toussaint Collection 1991
Triplets Thicker Than Water 1990
Triumvirat Russian Roulette 1980
Turrentine, Stanley Betcha 1979
Tutone, Tommy National Emotion 1983
Twenty Mondays The Twist Inside 1986


Various Artists Great Moments in Jazz ?   
Various Artists Triumphant Sax! 1975
Various Artists Guitar Fire!: GRP Gold Encore Series 1983
Various Artists Official Music of the 23rd Olympiad 1984
Various Artists Hands Across America 1986
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Singers 1986
Various Artists Guitar Workshop in L.A. 1988
Various Artists Guitar Workshop: Tribute to Otis Redding 1988
Various Artists JVC World Class Sampler, vol. 2 1989
Various Artists Rock Rhythm & Blues 1989
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Singers 1990
Various Artists GRP New Magic Digital Sampler, vol. 3 1990
Various Artists Nova Collection '90 1990
Various Artists Requiem for the Americas: Songs from the Lost World 1990
Various Artists Hippy House+Happy Hop 2 1992
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Best of the '70s 1994
Various Artists Sheffield Jazz Experience 1996
Various Artists Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock (Bk/CD) 1996
Various Artists Jazz Fusion Vol. 2 1997
Various Artists One Steps Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen 1997
Various Artists Best Of Smooth Jazz 1997
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Vocal Classics 1998
Various Artists Blue Movies: Scoring for the Studio 1999
Various Artists Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976-1999 1999
Various Artists IFC in Your Ear, Vol. 2 2000
Various Artists Best of Me: A Collection of David Foster's Greatest Works 2004
Vaughan, Sarah Songs of the Beatles 1981
Vega, Tata Givin' All My Love 1980
Voudouris, Roger On the Heels Of Love 1981


Waits, Tom One From The Heart 1982
Walsh, Brock Dateline: Tokyo 1983
Walsh, Joe The Confessor 1985
Wandelmer, Emile Lovers Cafe 1990
Ware, Leon Leon Ware 1982
Warwick, Dionne Friends In Love 1982
Warwick, Dionne Friends 1995
Watanabe, Misato Flower Bed 1989
Watanabe, Misato Hello Lovers 1992
Watanabe, Sadao Front Seat 1989
Watanabe, Sadao Vocal Collection 1991
Waters Waters 1977
Waters, Roger Amused To Death 1992
Waybill, Fee Read My Lips 1984
Weaver, Patty Patty Weaver 1982
Webb, Jimmy Angel Heart 1982
Webb, Jimmy Twilight of the Renegades 2005
Webb, Susan Bye Bye Pretty Baby 1975
Weisberg, Tim Outrageous Temptations 1989
White Horse White Horse 1977
Williams, David Take The Ball And Run 1983
Williams, David Something Special 1991
Williams, Deniece When Love Comes Calling 1979
Williams, Deniece Best of: Gonna Take A Miracle 1996
Williams, Joseph I Am Alive 1996
Williams, Paul Classics 1977
Willie, Wet Which One's Willie? 1979
Wilson, Nancy Friends In Love ?   
Wolfman, Jack Fun & Romance 1979
Wood, Lauren Lauren Wood 1979
Woods, Ren Out Of The Woods 1979
Wright, Gary Headin' Home 1979


Yamaha The World of Yamaha (demo CD) ?   
Yamamoto, Tatsuhiko Next 1990
Yazawa, Eikichi P.M.9 1982
Yazawa, Eikichi I Am a Model 1983
Young, Paul The Crossing 1993


Zevon, Warren Excitable Boy 1978
Zevon, Warren Envoy 1982
Zevon, Warren Quiet Normal Life: The Best of Warren Zev 1986
Zevon, Warren Mr. Bad Example 1991
Zevon, Warren I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Anthology) 1996

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