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Live At Montreux 1991 DVD
Live At Montreux 1991
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Dyskografia - Steve Porcaro

Aguilera, Christina Christina Aguilera 1999
Airplay Airplay 1980
Alessi Brothers Alessi 1977
Alessi Brothers Driftin' 1978
Alpert, Herb Magic Man 1981
Alpert, Herb Greatest Hits 1982
Anderson, Jon In the City of Angels 1988
Artimus Pyle Band Nightcaller 1983
Austin, Patti Love Is Gonna Getcha 1990
Austin, Patti Very Best of Patti Austin 2001
Benson, George Best of George Benson 1976
Benson, George In Your Eyes 1983
Benson, George Very Best Of: The Greatest Hits of All 2004
Bishop, Stephen Bish 1978
Bishop, Stephen On & On: Hits of Stephen Bishop 1994
Black 'n Blue Without Love 1985
Black Rose Black Rose 1980
Brothers Johnson Blam 1978
Brothers Johnson Light Up the Night 1980
Brothers Johnson Winners 1981
Caldwell, Bobby Carry On 1982
Carnes, Kim Cafe Racer 1983
Carradine, Keith Lost & Found 1978
Carter, Valerie Wild Child 1978
Champlin, Bill Single 1978
Chanson Chanson 1978
Charles, Ray Ultimate Hit Collection 1999
Charles, Ray Genius Plus Soul-50th Anniversy 1997
Charles, Ray Genius Plus Soul-50th Anniversy 1997
Cher Prisoner 1979
Chicago Chicago 16 1982
Chicago Greatest Hits: 1982-1989 1989
Chicago Chicago 21 1991
Chicago Very Best of Chicago: Only the Beginning 2002
Chicago Chicago Story: The Complete Greatest Hits 1967-2002 2003
Chicago Chicago: The Box [Bonus DVD] 2003
Cole, Jude Start the Car 1992
Cole, Jude I Don't Know Why I Act This Way 1995
Cooder, Ry Blue City 1986
Cooper, Alice From the Inside 1978
Crane, Stephan Stephen Crane 1984
Crouch, Andrae Don't give up 1981
Currie, Cherie & Marie Messin' With the Boys 1979
Dakota Runaway 1984
Dal Bello, Lisa Pretty Girls 1978
DeBarge Rhythm of the Night 1985
Dee, Kiki Stay With Me 1979
Desario, Teri Caught 1980
DeShannon, Jackie You're the Only Dancer/Quick Touches 1995
DeShannon, Jackie You Know Me 2000
DiMaggio, Robin Blue Planet 2001
Dion, Celine Let's Talk About Love 1997
Earth, Wind & Fire I Am 1979
Earth, Wind & Fire Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 2 1988
Earth, Wind & Fire Elements of Love: Ballads 1996
Earth, Wind & Fire Greatest Hits 1998
Earth, Wind & Fire Essential Earth, Wind & Fire 2002
Earth, Wind & Fire I Am [Bonus Tracks] 2004
Easton, Sheena Best Kept Secret 1983
England Dan & John Ford Coley Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive 1979
Fifth Dimension High On Sunshine 1978
Foster, David Best of Me 1982
Franklin, Aretha Aretha 1980
Frederiksen, Fergie Equilibrium 1999
Gardestad, Ted Blue Virgin Isle 1978
Garfield, David & Friends L.A. Keyboard Project 1997
Garfield, David & Friends Tribute To Jeff 1997
Garfield, David Giving Back 2004
Gurvitz, Adrian Sweet Vendetta 1979
Hall & Oates X-Static 1979
Hall and Oates Along the Red Ledge 1978
Heart Passionworks 1983
Heat Heat 1980
Henderson, Finis Finis 1983
Henley, Don I Can't Stand Still 1982
Henley, Don Building the Perfect Beast 1985
Henley, Don Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits 1995
Hodgson, Roger Hai-Hai 1987
Horn, Jim Work It Out 1990
Howard, James Newton & Friends James Newton Howard & Friends 1983
Hyde, Paul and the Payolas Here's the World For You 1985
I-Ten Taking a Cold Look 1983
Iglesias, Julio Non Stop 1988
Ingram, James It's Your Night 1983
Ingram, James The Power of Great Music: The Best of... 1991
Isley Brothers Tracks of Life 1991
Ivers, Peter Nivana Peter 1985
Jackson, Michael Off the Wall 1979
Jackson, Michael Thriller 1982
Jackson, Michael Bad 1987
Jackson, Michael Dangerous 1991
Jackson, Michael History: Past, Present & Future Book One 1995
Jackson, Michael Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix 1997
Jackson, Michael Ultimate Collection 2004
Jackson, Michael Essential Michael Jackson 2005
Jacksons Victory 1984
Jans, Tom Champion 1982
Jarreau, Al Jarreau 1983
Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane 1989
John, Elton Fox 1981
Jones, Quincy Back On the Block 1989
Jones, Quincy Q's Jook Joint 1995
Jones, Quincy From Q with Love 1999
Jones, Quincy Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones 2001
Jones, Quincy Ultimate Collection [Fewer Tracks] 2002
Jordan, Marc Blue Desert 1979
Joseph, Marcus Things I Meant To Say 1978
Kennedy, Ray Ray Kennedy 1980
Khan, Chaka I Feel For You 1984
King of Hearts Close But No Guitar 1978
Koonce, Johnny Got My Eye On You 1983
Korekata, Hirokuni Korekata 1993
L.A. Keyboard Project Joined Together 1990
Little Feat Hotcakes & Outtakes: 30 Years of Little Feat 2000
Lodgic Nomadic Sands ?
Loggins, Kenny Vox Humana 1985
Lukather, Steve Ever changing times 2008
Lynn, Cheryl Got To Be Real: Best of Cheryl Lynn 1996
McClusky, David A Long Time Coming 1978
McNally, Shannon Jukebox Sparrows 2002
Midler, Bette Broken Blossom 1977
Mizukoshi, Keiko I'm Fine 1982
Money, Eddie Life Is For the Taking 1978
Moore, Sally Sally Moore 1972
Moore, Sally My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own 1990
Mountain Rythym Handmade 2000
Nas Video Anthology Vol. 1 2004
Nelson Because they can 1995
Night Night 1979
Nolan, Kenny Song Between Us ?
OXO OXO 1983
Pablo Cruise Worlds Away 1978
Pablo Cruise Part of the Game 1980
Paulo, Michael Midnight Passion 1999
Payne, Kendall Jordan's Sister 1999
Peek, Dan All Things Are Possible 1991
Pointer Sisters Energy 1978
Porcaro, Steve and Mike Young At Heart 1987
Pyle, Artimus Band Nightcaller 1983
Quateman, Bill Just Like You 1979
Radioactive Ceremony of Innocence 2001
Richie, Lionel Louder Than Words 1996
Romeos Rock'n Roll and Love and Death 1980
Ross, Diana Ross 1978
Russell, Brenda Love Life 1981
Russell, Brenda Ultimate Collection 2001
Sager, Carol Bayer Too 1978
Saunders, Fernando Cashmere Dreams 1989
Sayer, Leo Leo Sayer 1978
Sayer, Leo The Show Must Go On: Anthology 1996
Sayer, Leo Leo 2002
Scaggs, Boz Hits 1980
Scaggs, Boz My Time: The Anthology (1969-1997) 1997
Schaffer, Janne Earmeal 1978
Scott, Tom Intimate Strangers 1978
Sedaka, Dara I'm Your Girl Friend 1982
Sembello, Michael Without Walls 1986
Shankar & Gingger One in a Million 2001
Shankar & Gingger Shankar & Gingger 2001
Shepard, Vonda Vonda Shepard 1989
Sherwood Ball 'n Chain White Light 1995
Sherwood Ball 'n Chain Folis Paradyce 1996
Soundtrack (film) Twilight Zone 1983
Soundtrack (film) Dune 1984
Soundtrack (film) St. Elmo's Fire 1985
Soundtrack (film) Blue City 1986
Soundtrack (TV) Save the Sea 1993
Soundtrack (film) Outbreak 1995
Soundtrack (film) Waterworld 1995
Soundtrack (film) Primal Fear 1996?
Soundtrack (TV) E.R.: Original Television Score Theme Music Score 1996
Soundtrack (TV) Hope 1997
Soundtrack (film) Metro 1997
Soundtrack (film) Dune 1997
Soundtrack (TV) The Sentinel 1998
Soundtrack (film) A Murder of Crows 1999
Soundtrack (film) From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money 1999
Soundtrack (film) Letters From A Wayward Son 1999
Soundtrack (TV) Gideon's Crossing 2000
Soundtrack (film) Leaving Peoria 2000
Soundtrack (TV) The Skulls 2000
Soundtrack (TV) Head Over Heels 2001
Soundtrack (TV) Holiday in the Sun 2001
Soundtrack (TV) My First Mister 2001
Soundtrack (TV) A Season on the Brink 2002
Soundtrack (film) Emmett's Mark 2002
Soundtrack (film) Federal Protection 2002
Soundtrack (film) Getting There 2002
Soundtrack (film) The Medaillion 2003
Soundtrack (film) Hidalgo 2004
Soundtrack (TV) North Shore 2004
Stewart, Rod Vagabond Heart 1991
Summer, Donna Donna Summer 1982
Summer, Donna Gold 2005
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver When the Night Comes Down 1979
Syreeta The Spell 1983
Take 6 Greatest Hits 1994
3rd Matinee Meanwhile 1994
Thomas, Mickey Alive Alone 1981
Toto Toto 1978
Toto Hydra 1979
Toto Turn Back 1980
Toto Toto IV 1982
Toto Isolation 1984
Toto Fahrenheit 1986
Toto The Seventh One 1988
Toto Past To Present, 1977-1990 1990
Toto Kingdom of Desire 1992
Toto Best Ballads 1994
Toto Tambu 1995
Toto XX 1998
Toto Mindfields 1999
Toto Through the Looking Glass 2003
Toto Falling In Between 2006
Trooper Flying Colors 1979
Tubes Outside Inside 1983
USA For Africa We Are the World 1985
Various Artists Official Music of the 23rd Olympiad 1984
Various Artists Hands Across America 1986
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Singers 1990
Various Artists A Very Special Christmas 2 1992
Various Artists Sax For Lovers 1996
Various Artists Sheffield Jazz Experience 1996
Various Artists Steinway To Heaven 1996
Various Artists One Steps Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen 1997
Various Artists Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 4 1998
Various Artists Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976-1999 1999
Various Artists Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976-1999 1999
Various Artists Handmade 2000
Various Artists Pigs and Pyramids: An Allstar Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd 2002
Various Artists Brief Glimpse of the Relentless Pursuit: Tribute to Pink Floyd 2003
Various Artists Back Against the Wall: Special Tribute to Pink Floyd 2005
Vaughan, Sarah Songs of the Beatles 1981
Warnes, Jennifer Well 2001
Waybill, Fee Read My Lips 1984
Wet Willie Epic Willie (The Epic Recordings) 2005
Wild Orchid Oxygen 1998
Williams, David Take The Ball And Run 1983
Williams, Joseph I Am Alive 1996
Williams, Joseph 3 1997
Wilson, Jim Cape of Good Hope 2001
Wilson, Nancy Friends In Love ?
Winans, CeCe His Gift 1998
Wright, Gary Light of Smiles 1976
Yamaha The World of Yamaha (demo CD) ?
Yes Union 1991
Yes Open Your Eyes 1997
Yes In A Word 2002

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