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Live At Montreux 1991 DVD
Live At Montreux 1991
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TOTO - Greatest hits... and more

TOTO - Greatest hits... and more (2002, Sony Music Media)

01 Hold the line (D. Paich)
02 Georgy Porgy (D. Paich)
03 I'll supply the love (D. Paich)
04 99 (D. Paich)
05 St. George and the dragon (D. Paich)
06 If it's the last night (D. Paich)
07 Rosanna (D. Paich)
08 Make believe (D. Paich)
09 Africa (D. Paich, J. Porcaro)
10 I won't hold you back (S. Lukather)
11 Waiting for your love (D. Paich, B. Kimball)
12 Moodido (The match) (Boxing theme) (Toto)
13 Stranger in town (D. Paich, J. Porcaro)
14 Holyanna (D. Paich, J. Porcaro)
15 Take my hand (Toto)
16 Dune (Desert theme) (Toto)
17 I'll be over you (S. Lukather, R. Goodrum)
18 In a word (S. Lukather, J. Porcaro, M. Porcaro, S. Porcaro))
19 Without your love (D. Paich)
20 Stop loving you (S. Lukather, D. Paich)
21 Pamela (D. Paich, J. Williams)
22 Mushanga (D. Paich, J. Porcaro)
23 Goin' home (D. Paich, J. Porcaro, J. Williams)
24 Love has the power (J-M Byron, J. Capek)
25 Out of love (J-M Byron, S. Lukather)
26 Can you hear what I'm saying (J-M Byron, D. Paich, M. Porcaro)
27 Don't chain my heart (Toto)
28 Only you (Toto)
29 2 Hearts (Toto)
30 The other side (D. Paich, W. Sherwood, R. Kaplan)
31 I will remember (S. Lukather, S. Lynch)
32 The turning point (S. Lukather, M. Porcaro, S. Phillips, D. Paich, S. Lynch)
33 The other end of time (S. Lukather, R. Goodrum)
34 If you belong to me (S. Lukather, D. Paich, S. Lynch)
35 Melanie (S. Lukather, D. Paich, R. Goodrum)
36 Mindfields (B. Kimball, S. Lukather, D. Paich, S. Phillips, M. Porcaro)
37 Georgy Porgy (D. Paich)
38 99 (D. Paich)
39 I won't hold you back (S. Lukather)
40 Don't stop me now (S. Lukather, D. Paich)
41 Out of love (J-M Byron, S. Lukather)
42 Mama (D. Paich, B. Kimball)
43 You are the flower (B. Kimball)
44 The road goes on (S. Lukather, D. Paich, G. Ballard)

CD1: tracks 1-19, CD2: tracks 20-36, CD3 (live) tracks 37-44

(...) - autor piosenki

Steve Lukather: gitary, wokal
David Paich: klawisze, wokal
David Hungate, Mike Porcaro: bass
Jeff Porcaro: bębny, perkusja
Fergie Frederiksen, Bobby Kimball, Joseph Williams, Jean-Michel Byron: wokal
Steve Porcaro: klawisze
Jenny Douglas McRae, Donna McDaniels, John James: wokal

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