Jeff Porcaro

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" Our love
doesn't end here
It lives forever
On the
wings of time "

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prasa > Modern Drummer, sierpień 1987

Modern Drummer, August 1987

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Porcaro Makes Directing Debut

Jeff Porcaro, drummer for Toto, has made his directorial debut as the guiding force behind the band's most recent video. The video has been made to support Toto's latest single, "Till The End."
Entering this field "reluctantly," Porcaro claims his band mates pushed him to direct the Toto video. "I've been involved early on with doing story boards and coming up with ideas for the visualization of our songs," he says. "Doing this video has increased the fun." Porcaro describes the video as "a conceptual performance piece." It stars the members of Toto, along with dancer/choreographer Paula Abdul (know for her work with Janet Jackson and Duran Duran).
How was it for Jeff, directing his own band? "They'd been on me for so long to do one that they were like clay!" After the experience of making his own movie, it's pretty clear that Porcaro has been bitten by the film bug. "I'd like to do more of this if time permits," he says, "maybe even for other artists." After videos, can feature films be far behind? "Of course, I've had some ideas," says Porcaro. "I'd like to toy with them sometime . . . when I'm too old to play drums!"