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prasa > Rolling Stone, 22 luty 1979

Rolling Stone, February 22, 1979

Different drums: a look at the equipment of the pros

[Artykuł tyczy się kilku perkusistów. Zawarta tu tylko część z Jeffem.]

Jeff Porcaro, who spent years as a session drummer for such acts as Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs and the Pointer Sisters before cofounding Toto, prefers wood drums. "I don't go for a flashy thing," he says. "I just look for something tasty, like good living-room furniture."
Porcaro's first set was a Ludwig--"It was Ringo Starr and Ludwig drums with every kid in those days"--and he's remained partial to the Chicago-based company ever since. In the studio, Porcaro plays a combination of three different Ludwig sets. "It's the ugliest-looking set, mismatched in black, blue and wood," he says. Porcaro also often uses one of several old Slingerland Radio King snare drums he owns. Porcaro describes the Slingerlands--which were modified by drum entrepreneur Paul Jameson with Gretsch lugs, hoops and rims--as "fine symphonic-type instruments with the warmth that a guitar player would dig in an older axe."
Onstage with Toto, Porcaro uses Ludwig's new Power Drums, which feature extended shells to offer more of a "cannon effect." For Porcaro, cymbals cause the most frustration. "A cymbal sounds better with age. All the new cymbals sound like clanks." Though he uses the older A and K Zildjians, Porcaro laments, "I wish there were more opportunity to find old cymbals that the drummers in the Thirties had."